Community guidelines

Although this platform is built as a decentralized autonomous organization and its participants can decide a project state by themselves, to help them reach a consensus when voting we provide a list of unified recommendations for the conditions under which a project can be safely considered as unsuccessful and eligible for a refund state.

What is a ‘failed project’?


A project is safe to be considered as unsuccessful and voted for a refund if it meets one or more of the following requirements:

  • A prolonged, drastic fall of the token’s value - if the token drops to 25% or less from its price on the closing day of its token sale for at least 60 consecutive days;
  • Terminated projects: The organization that conducted the token sale ceases operations within a 2-year timeframe from the end date of its token sale;
  • Abandoned projects: There is no visible activity/progress and news for at least six consecutive months in the 2-year period from the end date of its token sale;


The DAO moderators can force a refund state on a project if it meets one or more of the conditions listed above.