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The Refundable investments are the new stage of investing in blockchain projects. Until now, investments in crypto projects were extremely risky - more than 95% of them are resulting in lost funds. However, when successful, the investor can make a huge return on his investment.

Securing your investment with a refund option mitigates your risk exposure to scams, any kind of project failures, and drastic token value drop. That allows you to greatly increase your earnings by profiting from the successful projects and eliminating the losses from the unsuccessful ones.

This is the official documentation of a community-driven decentralized platform for trustless and transparent management of a collective pool of funds, used for refunding investments in failed, abandoned or terminated projects and protection against drastic token/coin drop in value.


For the list with covered projects, insurance requests, live support and more please go to the official user interface of the dApp at

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The RTO platform utilizes the roles of all participants in the token sale and lifecycle of an early stage projects - owners, investors, and community, to provide maximum value for each. It’s a second-layer implementation for insurance of already made or yet to be made investment in ICO, STO or IEO - the insurance is made separately, independent from the investment.

Providing a trustless, open source solution to a problem that has been unsolved until now, this DAO platform is one of the most significant and mature decentralized applications created to date.

It covers the investors against losses not only from clear cases of exit scams, like the lately popular centralized and predisposed to corruption IEO method, but from any kind of problem with the project or depreciation of its token value.

The investors themselves decide if a project needs to be refunded or not, not a single individual or a group of people in power. If they are unable to reach a consensus by themselves, the project status can be disputed publicly in front of the community as arbiters in a unique voting process handled by the dApp on the blockchain.


If you are new to the refundable investments concept we recommend you to start from the Introduction and Getting Started sections .

Smart contracts documentation

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The dApp’s data storage and logic are written in Solidity, open-source, and live entirely on the Ethereum blockchain - transparent and immutable.

Here you can find documentation about the smart contracts of the platform, how-to guides, technical reference and terminology (glossary).


The documentation is still in progress and is subject to regular changes and updates. Some sections may not be complete or missing entirely.

Please make sure you have selected the latest version of the dApp from the side menu, in order to access the most recently available documentation.


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